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To build a working environment with the foundation based on hard work and creativity; Advocate an operational strategy for fair competition and continuous expansion; Champion an attitude of responsiveness and self-motivation; Form a managerial method based on humanity and scientific framework; Continue to grow the enterprise culture with depth, scope, strength and speed; Create a vigorous and flourishing company environment; Drive for continuous improvement; Uphold our core values; Dare to take responsibilities and strive to be an exemplary cooperate citizen.

Our spirit

People oriented, aggressive in exploitation, acuminous in innovation and pursue preeminence.

Our conception

Regard market as orientation, human as stanchion, technology as basement, and service as keystone.

Our promise

Keep to social morality, comply with business rules, protect the environment, and develop circulatory economy.

Quality guidelines

Customers' satisfaction reveals our pursuing, continuous development reflects our activity, and product innovation leads market development.