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Yang Sheng Tang Beef Jerky" Packaging Film

2004 DuPont China Packaging Awards

The packaging is made with 7-layer co-extrusion high-barrier functional film. Its innovation is to build the second, third and fourth layer of the seven asymmetry structure as balance bridge to counteract the film curliness happening in co-extrusion film blow process and secondary treatment, which has limited application and development of multi-layer co-extrusion films. The co-extrusion process completely solves the residual solvent problem, not only ensures safety of products, but also protects the environment, and since the process steps of co-extrusion are lesser, raw material and energy consumption are reduced. The application of the product could be extended to food, processed meat, medicine packaging as well as functional products such as gas puff, vacuum and deep-forming packaging.

Corn Hot Dog Sausage" Packaging Film

2005 DuPont China Packaging Awards

The material of the packaging is multi-layer functional high-barrier co-extrusion film. Its innovation is solving the co-extrusion difficulty of material with different heat sensitivity and resistance (a gap of 50~300℃) through building multi-layer heat insulation, so that material of significantly diverse heat resistance could be flexibly combined and co-extruded in one step to optimize the function of the film.

Pet Food Heavy Packaging

2005 DuPont Global Packaging Awards Silver award

The packaging is innovation to lamination bags of the same application. The symmetrical structure high strength multi-layer Nylon co-extrusion film is used as the substrate. Its high barrier function preserves the quality and aroma of the contents. The surface/surface seal added to the bottom conquers the easy-breakage of heavy packaging bottom. The flat lap seal at the back and proper surface C.O.F control make stack of products easier.

Portable Die Cut Zipper Pouch

2006 DuPont China Packaging Awards Third-prize award

The packaging design features in novel lateral shape of special height-width ratio and hexagonal bottom gusset, which makes the product stand steadily and more attractive.

The excellent shelf display effect, contents-visible design, anti-fog function and reusable zipper broaden its application in food especially processed meat and gift packaging, and make it popular in customers.