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Packaging for biscuit, snack and puffed food

Biscuits, cakes, potato chips, and puffed rice

Packaging for candies

Chocolates, soft sweets, hard sweets, bar candies and chewing gum

Packaging for seasoning

Seasoning powder and ketchup

Packaging for liquid

Juice and milk

Packaging for instant food

Lidding film, outer wrapper film and pouches

Packaging for commodity and personal sanitary accessories

Liquid detergent, washing powder, insecticide, defervesce pad, thermal preservation pad and paper handkerchief

Packaging for meat products

Packaging for powder and granule

Milk powder, coffee, juice powder, drinking chocolate/coco and tea

Packaging for Jellies

Lidding film and outer bags

Packaging for frozen food

Ice cream, vegetables, fruits, seafood, and meat

Retort packaging

Food that retort temperature no higher than 135。C

Heavy packaging

Rice, pet food and goods

Packaging for pharmaceutical products

PTP, operation instrument and flexible structure lamination with paper, aluminum foil and plastic as material


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